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My ephemera blog, Papergreat, earns mention in New York Times

About a week ago, my ephemera and history blog, Papergreat, earned a small mention in a New York Times story about the inevitable move toward paperless receipts.

Toward the end of the article, it states:

As paper receipts disintegrate, some people are a bit wistful. Chris Otto runs a Web site called Papergreat, which analyzes abandoned bits of paper including old receipts, like a 1907 receipt from L.B. Hantz, a repairman in York, Pa., that included detailed drawings of a furnace and a stove.

“It’s going to make it interesting for future historians,” said Mr. Otto, who has kept the receipt for the first meal he bought the woman who is now his wife — a hot dog at a Sheetz convenience store. “They’re going to have to be more into the computer forensics things if they want to find out what people spent money on, and how they lived.”

Pretty neat to get a mention, even a tiny one, about the meaning of ephemera, into the nation's most prestigious newspaper.

And the mention has certainly helped traffic for my blog, too!

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