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I recently blogged on my ephemera site, Papergreat, about this cool 1937 travel/tourism brochure for Poland.

The brochure was printed in Poland and appears to have been jointly produced by the League for the Promotion of Tourism (Liga Popierania Turystyki) and Polish State Railways. This copy was once kept on file at Ridgeway Tours, managed by Christian H. Shenk, at 32 Penn Square in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.


Read more and see additional images on my blog.



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Comment by Chris Otto on November 4, 2011 at 2:31pm


Thanks for your comment. ... I'm going to be doing a followup blog on Papergreat on Sunday with more information about Poland's rail system from this 1937 brochure. (I had gone on a Polish history message board, and they specifically requested more info on the rail lines.) ... If you want to reach me, I'm at

Comment by Robert Forsythe on November 4, 2011 at 2:12pm
And here is a piece promoting Communist Poland's fishing lakes to the proletariat (and anyone else) of Great Britain in the 1960s  . I think your blog is fascinating and am now following it. I shall try to find a way to contact you directly or please do vice versa as I think there would be loads of shared interests and I still have  a house full of spares to find new homes.



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