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Ever leaf through on old used book and find a photo or photograph? Maybe a Polaroid from the 1970s or a snapshot from the 1950s.


Sometimes there is writing on the photo that provides some clues as to who is pictured.


But sometimes there is not.


I recently came across some intriguing old photos tucked inside a book with absolutely no hint of who is pictured or when or where they were taken. Wrote about it here on my blog:



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Hi.  Yes I have. There are some websites that research genealogy where you can post the photos with info about where they were found.  Either way, it is fun to find them isn't it?
I have thousands of old family photos, photo postcard etc... My intention is tos put together a book of lost relatives featuring in the book those that have names and or clues and then including with it with the rest of the photos on cd. I have been able to reunite some of my photos, after much research, with their original families, it's an awesome feeling to help people connect with their past and reunite them with family members that would otherwise be long forgotten.
- Kyle

Yes, I have many fotos without any information. There are familymembers no one ever knew anymore and that are never again to be found and definable again. They are banned on a photography but lost their names and their identity. So always leave a message on a photo... And print your digital photos or dark centuries are ahead...

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